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Concord, North Carolina


Concord, North Carolina


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Roughley’s bookshop does not have an online store. So “if” there is a page via their ISBN, we can’t access it. So at least with R’ly you will be able to get at least the title, and maybe even a description.
Shame we don’t have more IP addresses from this island. 🙁
“If I remember correctly, in the November 2020 newsletter, the numbers were in the low to mid-40K range, which I don’t recall ever being that high.”
“Our success in selling directly to the public is largely a result of great partnerships with our retailers. On our website, we list separately the number of stores who are participating as well as the number of orders being fulfilled by Amazon as a result of having the product listed on Amazon.com. These numbers tell a story: when Amazon.com is listing the product, we reach customers who find the product while looking for it at their favorite retailers. By contrast, when our products are only listed on our website, we reach customers who find the product through their retailer of choice. In short, we are growing our own retail network, which is why our retailer partnerships are so important to our success.”
“If you are interested in purchasing a 400B or 250B on our website from your favorite retailer, please visit our Retail Partners page to find the retailer’s UPC, product description, and availability. We make it easy to find the product you are looking for, whether you’re shopping with Amazon.com or in your favorite retailer.”
If you have reached this screen while browsing the web, it means that the original page you were looking at has been moved or no longer exists..
This week’s program on the radiosat that covers the equatorial and mid-latitudes oceanic zone. ~ Dr. Dan Baker
The retail market sector is a major part of our overall plan. As we have been saying for years, the retail sector is made up of three markets:
Electronics represents roughly 13% of our revenue, apparel represents 15%, and food is roughly 61% of our revenue. We are building an infrastructure to support our retail


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